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Fans of Jesse Spencer Actor & Musician (Band from tv) Dr, Robert Chase, Billy kennedy, Matthew Casey is the same Man .
Chicago Fire, House md, Uptown girls, neightbours, band from tv.

My Name is Daniela Kretchen .
and my personal accounts are joined with Jesse Spencer fans accounts.
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favorite character meme:
 ⇒ three emotions: [1/3] anger

House Week - Day 5
 → favorite episode: 8×11 - Nobody’s Fault

Jesse Spencer + Derek Haas

Jesse Spencer at Water Show


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Hello Jesse Spencer

favorite character meme:
 ⇒ two colors: [1/2] blue

Chicago Fire + text posts
part II. (part I.)


I will still support Chicago Fire and watch each week. I see so many people saying that if Shay is the “Major Death” then they are done with the show and I guess everyone is entitled to do what they want to do but I personally think Chicago Fire will still be a good show. I…

You should to read this #ChicagoFireFamily

I have to share this one ( from a fan) because Jesse is Shirtless :B

The title for 3×03 is….

Just Drive The Truck" (x)